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Blitz Basic is a community for game developers and graphic artists who enjoy sharing the tasks of learning and teaching each other as well as socializing. We are a friendly group of people who enjoy each other's company. Our online presence includes forums, articles and tutorials among other things to keep your mind stimulated in every area of game development.

Are you a programmer?

You may be interested in our tech news among other exciting things that we do around here.

It is free to be invloved in our community so why not sign up to our forum today and start sharing your knowledge with others and have them share their knowledge with you. We are currently following various open source developments of Blitz3D and hope that one of them makes it out soon. If you are an open source developer working on blitz3D and would like us to host it on our site then let us know. We are also worknig on an open source version of Blitz3D.

We hope you enjoy our community as much as we do and you are free to talk about whatever you want to talk about.

Come and explore the Blitz Basic world with us.

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We don't just talk about old things here. We also talk about new things too. Latest in game programming news and techniques is to be found here.

I like to say that our mind is an ever changing dimension that is bound to reality, logic and emotion - that is to say that our mind is always under construction. Our minds are always thinking about game programming.

We want to offer you a friendly welcome to our site...

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Yes it is true, we are working on our very own version of Blitz3D that went open source a while ago - we want to keep Blitz3D alive and we want to keep the Blitz Basic community alive by providing this site and we hope you enjoy your interactions here.